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- wanting to change but not sure what to try next, fed up with the same old lose/gain cycle, and longing to feel comfortable in my own body.  I know because I spent over three decades caught in the same storm.


After losing more than 150 pounds and keeping it off for years, I shifted my counselling work to working with women like you who are ready to live their healthiest lives through nutrition, mindset, and movement.  

In my individual and group coaching, we walk through a 6 module evidence-based program created out of personal and professional experience that will change your relationship with food, improve your confidence, and empower you with knowledge and skills to achieve your health goals in a way that is health-focused and sustainable.  

You are looking for long term solutions - not just to get healthy, but stay healthy. We address the whole person; you will learn about nutrition, mindset, and movement and how to build sustainable habits that result in feeling better from the inside out.  

When you are ready, book a free consult and let’s see where your journey takes you!

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I have been there -


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Are you ready to get moving? Let's move together online in fun, intimidation free on demand classes for all levels. Explore our classes and sign up for a one week free trial.

Let's explore the path to your healthiest life through our whole person behavioural health coaching. Individual and group coaching (coming Spring 2021) available!

Let's fine tune your habits around eating.  We explore what, when, and how to eat for your Best Weight and optimal health through our health coaching programs and online courses.

A small step may be the beginning of an amazing journey.  Start yours today.


"Amazing and engaging, Andrea inspires and motivates as she instructs dynamic classes, educates about nutrition and helps others by drawing from specialized training, extensive research, and her own experiences.

— J.T.