What is your dream for your healthiest life?


             Losing some weight?


             Feeling more energetic?

             Returning to an activity you love?


             Better managing chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease?


Together we will sit down and form health goals to pursue together. We will then co-create a plan of action to achieve these goals and monitor progress.  We will learn skills, practice new behaviours until they become habits, and watch as your health transforms.  I will be there along the way for support, accountability, and guidance.  


After a life long battle with obesity, Andrea shifted her work to behavioural health coaching and fitness training.  Andrea has developed an approach to weight management and health improvement that is sustainable and attainable, helping countless clients improve their health and surpass their goals through nutrition, movement, and mindset coaching. Andrea believes that small steps add up to big results, and that the key to long term health is discovering a lifestyle you love that includes eating lots of plants and moving your body.  She models this for her clients everyday emphasizing a focus on health, quality of life and, how we feel over chasing a particular number. 

Andrea holds a Master of Social Work degree and is certified through World Obesity in the Strategic Care for Obesity Professional Education, the only internationally-recognized certification in obesity management.  She is a professional member of Obesity Canada, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Fitness Instructor Specialist through CanFitPro.  A life long learner, she is currently studying for her Certified Nutrition Coach exam.

Andrea has been featured in digital and print magazines such as Forks Over Knives, Impact Magazine,  The Chicago Tribune, and has appeared multiple times on Global Television.  She loves the opportunity to share her experience, knowledge and passion through presentations and speaking engagements.

6 month program

42 lbs lost

Blood pressure reduced

Spouse, 12 lbs lost (not in the program)


"I can do more now.  I feel more comfortable and my confidence has improved"

To find out more about our 6 month behavioural weight management program offered in collaboration with Pristine Health Clinic, please click        

"I don't entirely understand it, but i am eating more, not hungry, and still losing weight. I am so happy.""

6 month program

23 lbs lost

Diabetes medications reduced

A1C dropped 3 points


6 month program

couple 51 lbs  and 24 lbs lost

Cholesterol reduced 

Still enjoyed eating out


"Those few simple tweaks have made all the difference. This doesn't feel hard.""

30 Day


75 minute intake session

 45 minute follow-up session

Email or text support between appointments

Individualized action plan

Handouts and resources



Email or text support between appointments

90 Day


75 minute intake session

5,  45 minute sessions

Individualized action plan

Program E-book




75 minute customized consultation session

Follow-up email with summary of appointment

Handouts and resources

Follow-up sessions, $95


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To learn more about the six-month behavioural weight management program offered in collaboration with Pristine Health Clinic, please visit 

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