Health Coaching, Calgary, Alberta


Why coaching works

Perhaps you have had that conversation with your doctor. They tell you that your current lifestyle - weight, inactivity, eating habits, cholesterol level, looming diabetes - are affecting your health and changes need to be made.  They tell you what has to happen, but not how to make that happen.  You've signed up for a gym membership but stopped going after a few weeks.  The new way of eating isn't sticking. You have a desire for a different state of health but feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there.  This is where health coaching comes in.  As a registered health care professional, I am able to work with you to make sense of where you want to be and how we will get there. Our focus together will be changing behaviours to create new, healthier habits that are manageable for a lifetime. 

Many health benefits plans cover these services.


One step at a time.

We are inundated with information regarding health, fitness, weight loss, disease management and prevention.  High fat, low carb, paleo, plant-based, eat less move more, shakes, intermittent fasting, interval training, lift heavy, fasted cardio - the list goes on and on.  My work with people is different.  I approach weight management from a place of understanding - I have been there!  I am also only interested in practices that are sustainable - can you do this for the rest of your life?  If the answer is no, then your results will not last long term.  We figure out what works for YOU. 

My approach is  aligned with The 10 checks of a healthy weight management program from Obesity Canada with a special interest in helping people move to more plant-based eating. I work with you to create sustainable change.  We take things one step at a time and discover ways to improve health that you can be excited about - foods you love, activities you love, and practices that reduce stress so you can live your healthiest AND happiest life.

Many health benefits plans cover these services.



At the age of 36 I was in a health crisis. I saw myself on Global TV after being invited for an interview. I was shocked at the way I looked. Two weeks later I was told by my doctor that I needed medication to manage my pre-diabetes, my liver enzymes were elevated, I needed knee surgery to manage my arthritis, and we needed to address the weight.   As a social worker I knew about the possibility of change (even though I had tried so many things before) and so, with some research, my professional knowledge, my experience as a certified fitness instructor, and some tenacity, I started to make some changes. I began reading the work of a variety of experts in the field and that knowledge along with some trial and error, I was able to reverse my diabetes, I no longer need knee surgery and I have lost approximately 150 pounds in a slow, sustainable way. I now love moving my body again, I love cooking, I have the energy I need for my four children, and I feel like I am living my healthiest life.

I began to wonder how many others know that they want to or even need to change their health and feel lost with how to approach what feels to many like a massive endeavour. People saw my body and health transform and would come to me for advice and support.  I loved seeing people succeed and see real changes.  As a Registered Social Worker and regulated health professional, I have shifted my practice to focus on coaching others to their healthiest lives. Let's discuss your goals, make a plan, and watch as YOUR healthiest life unfolds.

Many health benefits plans cover these services.